Monday, November 5, 2012

[New Read] Wendy Higgins ~ Sweet Evil

And I've finally gotten my hands on this book!
I've been meaning to read it for MONTHS. But for some stupid reasons I never actually did.
Until now.
To be honest, I was reading Arcadia Awakens by Kai Meyer. It doesn't really have good reviews but the storyline sounded so cool that I wanted to try it anyway and shove in everbody's face how much I loved it.
But unfortunately everybody was right.
I've reached the half book line and things still haven't gotten better, so I decided to start Sweet Evil, too, because I was dying to read it and getting stuck on that other one wasn't in my plans.

So, about the book. So far it's good, but I haven't really read much of it yet. I just met Kayden, the male MC, and he doesn't seem to be bad. Anna is kinda cool, too, although she freaks me out a bit.
The storyline sounds about as fresh as you can get with the billions of PN books coming out these days, so I'm quite satisfied. It does have some pretty high reviews on goodreads, so I do have some expectations.
I just hope SE will do it for me.
I like the cover, although from what I've read so far the models don't really match up with the descriptions.
But oh well, that dress is adorable.

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