Shut up and let me read agenda

Here's the weekly program of Shut up and let me read:

  • Mondays→ Blog about random stuff, fandoms, and the like.
  • Tuesdays→ Reviewing Tuesday (RT) ~ I'll post one or more reviews of books
  • Wednesdays→ 'Waiting On' Wednesday ~ Talk about a book/s I'm waiting for
  • Thursdays→ 'Thus the' recommendation* ~ Recommending one or more books
  • Fridays→ TGIF, so no blog work. :D
  • Saturdays→ Advertising authors. Both indie and not.
  • Sundays→ Poll off ~ I'll introduce the poll of the week :)

 * It sucks that only I get my own sense of humour. I'm Italian, so our English pronunciation is not perfect. And when we the majority of us tries to read "thus the", in many cases it sounds awfully like "thursday." So I thought it would be funny to name the weekly event like that. Only I didn't think I would be the only one getting it. Oh, whatever. Please laugh and make me happy.

P.S.: Since the blog is new, this is a provisory program that may be subject to changes, soon and often. Let me know if there's something you'd like me to talk about! ;)

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